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Archive: October 2013

Was detecting a file stream if it was Unicode encoded or not, so though I would share the code. Let say you an xml file that you need to detect if it has the Unicode BOM in the file. If you wish to know more about BOM look it up at wikipedia

Hope that […]

dotnet C#

C# Func vs. Action? What is the difference between a Func vs an Action in C#? The main difference is whether one wants the delegate to return a value or not. By using Func it will expect the delegate to return a value and Action for no value (void) 1. Func for methods that return […]


During the summer I have been busy working on my book “Instant AutoMapper“, and it did get released at the end of July of this year 2013. Here is a link on amazon and packt publishing.


Over the weekend I upgrade to win 8.1 and after upgrade I found my disk usage at 100% and it was getting super slow, plus I only had couple of Gig left on it. The solution I found was to do a disk cleanup, using the cleanupmgr.exe Here are the steps: 1. Use windows key […]

dotnet C#

Lots of developers confuse the var keyword in C# with JavaScript. The var keyword was introduced in C# 3.0, and it is basically implicitly defined but is statically defined, var are resolved at compile time not at run-time. The confusion is there also a var keyword in JavaScript, but in JavaScript var is dynamically defined. […]