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The synonyms of software simplicity
Archive: February 2013

I remember watching a talk on infoq by Michael Feathers. He said something about growing your software teams organically like a garden. An example he gave is, you don’t yell at the lettuce for not growing, you have to nurture it and help it, try different things so that it grows better. If you have […]


Recently I was asked a simple code to improve the performance, and at first I couldn’t see it but as you know your brain starts working when you aren’t thinking of the problem anymore. (It happen to me when I was driving) Anyway the problem on hand was there is a for loop and when […]


First one has to get their java working. To install java

Once java is installed we will install scala, I like using stow for my package management for non apt-get stuff.

Now that we have scala is installed lets get play framework installed

If you get an error when you launch play […]