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Archive: September 2009

How to do safe base64 url encoding in ASP .NET, I came into a problem of url encoding in IIS 7 where it does not like “+”, “/” in the Url. Basically a Url that looks like of like this http://fake.abc/TIRlcEq0umjO6uJqtqvnkUGntUzv19rK+8mcvPK5qL1bwEZtEUqTlc3iF/TomuXU746Il5IF2iN9SeYuYDqt6SQzfdrv+Ltug2KZteKlYawc= I know you may say what is this??? Its actually some kind of encrypted […]


So was just in the process of installing SQL2005 on one of our VM to test some stuff. Guess what install went great with Client Tools selected, but unfortunately SQL Management Studio doesn’t get installed??? Why ohhh why? I cannot find SQL Management Studio after install of SQL2005 So anyways, the solution is quite simple […]