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Archive: March 2010

Here are some changes that affected my asp mvc update process, specifically ASP .NET MVC2 Changes: GetControllerInstance & DataAnnotationsModelBinder. By the way, there is a tool that does it for you and also a manual way . But once you have updated there are also 2 more changes that you may need if you are […]


So you want to use Spark View Engine: Highlight Table Alt Row. Here is how one highlights an alt row with spark, quite clean I tell you. Assuming you have a css that like below.

And in your template you will call it like this.

Note: How I am using personIndex. It basically […]


So sometimes you will get these strange errors or exceptions when using Linq Sequence contains no matching element For example if you use

This will throw InvalidOperationException with Sequence contains no matching element. But if you use

Which will return you a null if its not found then you can check if the […]