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Archive: March 2009

Resources Manning – Where one can buy the MEAP early release of the book Amazon – Sometimes cheaper than Manning for print books Art of Unit Testing Wiki Site -The wiki site for the book The book will be in print I think April 2009 as Roy mentioned in his blog if you wish to […]


This post is more of a geeky type of post about the awesome DD-WRT firmware. And how I set up two wireless router to talk to each other without wires. So, yesterday the digiturk web tv set-top box arrived, that my wife purchased for Onur (our son, who is only 1 year old now) to […]

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

When doing unit testing, one always comes to a point where there this “kind of hard” part to test since the part depends on something you might not have control over or depends on the functionality of the dependency to complete. In “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” by Michael C. Feathers talks about a dependency […]