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Archive: February 2014

Here are some tips on motivating software development teams Not exactly like the image above, but more realistic motivation for knowledge based people, especially developers. Being a lead for many years I found these tips very useful so I though I would share them, and to be honest they are mostly just common sense stuff. […]


Here is a quick tip, when you are searching for a text that contains square brackets “[]” in Microsoft SQL Server. For example you are searching for a text that contains “text text text [text] text text”. A simple query using LIKE % would not do the trick. One has to add double square brackets […]


Here are 4 tips on Hiring for startups 1) Hire well rounded senior developers. If you hire junior developers you will end up having a lot of code debt and at the end you will have to pay back the debt (just like borrowing money with interest). Having well rounded generalist senior developers would alleviate […]

dotnet C#

Here is another C# tip. Most of the time when you are trying to get a value from dictionary you would try to check if the key exist or not something like.

But one can use TryGetValue

The benefit of using TryGetValue is that the dictionary is synchronized, there is no race condition.