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Archive: July 2011

Here is a simple trick on how to disable browser cache in asp mvc application with an attribute. If you have a base controller just add this to your base and all your request would have Pragma No-Cache

Simply add this to your base controller, and you are done 🙂


To enable https on asp.net mvc, one can use the [RequireHttps] attribute on the base controller if you are using a base controller

But what if you want to give an option to the installer or the client to enable it in web.config, the easy way to do it for asp mvc2 is to […]


Was debugging some code that was broken due to jquery 1.6 update, and found this call for Jquery dropdown.val

Not working anymore but a simple fix of changing it to

This does the trick, for more on prop take a look at the api of jquery http://api.jquery.com/prop/


So was hacking a new installer and wanted to display the data link properties dialog, for building a connection string. Here is what I have found out by playing with it. One has to add the reference to ADODB.DLL (from .NET reference) and Microsoft OLE DB Service Component 1.0 Type Library from the COM tab […]