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Archive: April 2009

Here is another post moved over from old blog about mysql installation on FreeBSD. Installing the mysql ports   I will be using mysql50-server from the ports section of FreeBSD 7.0

The above command will build and store the database in /var/db/mysql One will also need to add to rc.conf file to start mysql […]


This is a repost of my old blog wanted to move the post over, since I used to use a lot of FreeBSD in my previous position, and still love the OS wanted to continue posting stuff about it. In this little tutorial I will teach how to upgrade ports in FreeBSD Install and use […]

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

This is part 2 of Extract and Override refactoring technique. You can find part 1 in my previous post. I am going to show another technique by using Factory Method to break dependency in your code. *WARNING* *WARNING* Before I begin I would like to say all these techniques are not the best design but […]


Just a link post today since google started supporting Java for their app engine rather than just Python, this will very likely bring lots of developers on board by having Java for Google App Engine http://code.google.com/appengine/ Google AppEngine http://code.google.com/eclipse/ Eclipse Plugin http://blog.springsource.com/2009/04/07/write-your-google-app-engine-applications-in-groovy/ App Engine in Groovy Time to start writing some apps in it 🙂


The Law of Demeter (LoD), or Principle of Least Knowledge, is a design guideline for developing software, particularly object-oriented programs. (wikipedia) While everyday working on code that was written by lazy coders or junior coders I see a lot of violation of this law. I think every programmer should know the Law of Demeter by […]