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Archive: May 2019
Azure Cost Budget

I have covered how to do Cost Budget in AWS, I thought I can also do one for Azure of how to have a budget in Azure with Cost Budget. Step by Step – How to create a Cost Budget in Azure First login to your azure portal, and click on Cost Management and Billing […]


I had a work workshop to attend in Austin Texas and though it would be fun to speak at a meetup group on Using Hashicorp Vault for your NodeJS. I tired the Microsoft group first but was not successful due to their schedule and mine. Fortunate for me the Austin NodeJS Meetup was perfect with […]

For anyone starting new on Amazon they might want to start with a small aws budget on a their free trial to learn amazon. Even if you are a small to large company you will want to have a budget for your cloud services. Amazon provides an easy way to alert and to create a […]


I had a talk on Getting productive with Python on Visual Studio 2019, at the Ottawa .NET User Group (https://www.meetup.com/ottawaitcommunity/events/259081628/). Thanks to all the people who came to the talk, I wish my demo worked properly unfortunately sometimes things just dont work 🙂 Nevertheless here are the slides for the talk. Get productive with python […]