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Archive: October 2011

Have wanted to post the review of this book for a while, which I read somewhere beginning of this year. This book does a very good job in classification of the “typical” stereotypes of people in IT. – The Uninformed – The Herd – The Cynic – The Burned – The Time Crunched – The […]


Have been giving eventmachine a try but I do have issues with it thus wanted to try out the beta version on github. Here is how you get it to install on your local machine. – First clone the repo – Build the gem – Install the java version


What the ???? goliath ERROR: While executing gem. I was wanting to try out goliath.io (Goliath: Non-blocking, Ruby 1.9 Web Server) for more info look at http://www.igvita.com/2011/03/08/goliath-non-blocking-ruby-19-web-server/ In any case I was not able to get it to install on JRuby so went and get me 1.9.2 MRI. Once installed MRI 1.9.2, I went into […]