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Archive: April 2021

In this section we will talk about Parameter Store what it is and why we would want to use it? I will show you an example of using AWS CDK Parameter Store with C# and extending our current solution. What is Parameter Store AWS Parameter Store is actually a capability of AWS Systems Manager. The […]


Now that we have learned how to create a VPC with C# using AWS CDK, let’s talk about how do we create RDS Database Instance with C# using AWS CDK. What is Amazon RDS? Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) in simple terms is easy to set up, operate, and scale relational database. It provides […]


I wanted to start a series of how to use AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to create infrastructure on Amazon. In our first example we will tackle the fundamental of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). We will be using AWS CDK to create a VPC in C#. You may wonder what about CloudFormation json or […]


I had this printer which is not a wifi built-in printer but nevertheless its a laser printer and I wanted to use it to print from any machine on my local network. I thought to myself why not use a raspberry pi and use cups. Thus my post on how to Setup Brother 1110 Printer […]