I had this printer which is not a wifi built-in printer but nevertheless its a laser printer and I wanted to use it to print from any machine on my local network. I thought to myself why not use a raspberry pi and use cups. Thus my post on how to Setup Brother 1110 Printer on Raspberry Pi, I actually reuse the pi I had that is running pihole to block all the ads coming into my home network. Long story short I thought CUPS would be easy to setup and hoped everything will work, well of course things don’t just work without me tinkering on it, so here are the steps I used to finally to get it to work and hopefully it may help you also in your journey 🙂

First things first what is CUPS?

CUPS is a modular printing system for Unix-like computer operating systems which allows a computer to act as a print server. To install CUPS on a PI you can use the commands below.

Install cups and drivers from the Brother website
Login to your pi

Brother only provides i386 driver but as you may know Pi is a Arm processor so we need to somehow get them to work but first lets download the deb packages.

We will also add the architecture

We will also need to use Kali linux libc6 in order for this to work.

We will then extract the libc into a directory so that we dont need to mess with apt and then copy them over.

As you can see above we have 3 directories etc, lib and usr extracted into data directory. Now we will copy them over.

We will also add this to our env variable to build and then we can install our packages. You can ignore the warning, also you will get this error in cups also when you print so you can ignore that also.

Now lets install the cups wrapper.

Finally we need to restart our cups server

If you wish to manage cups with pi user use the commands below and then you can access cups with the web user interface on http://localhost:631

If you are using windows 10 you dont really need to install Samba you will be able to see your pi printer by just opening printer and add it will auto scan your network for it. Hopefully this will help you out and enjoyed reading How to setup Brother 1110 Printer on Raspberry Pi 🙂