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Recently have been going through some old code to review the comments in them from other developers and what I find out is developers tend to have really bad comments & documentation in their code Example:

From the above code it is obvious that it is the constructor but does the comment tell me […]


Here is a LINQ tip where you may wish to order a collection with an existing ordering of another collection. Example:

Currently as it stands our data is stored in the order of { 5, 13, 7, 1, 8 } and we wish to order them in terms of { 1, 8, 5, 7, […]

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Obsolete or Deprecated? How do you mark a class or method as deprecated/obsolete? By using the Obsolete attribute

dotnet C#

The ?? operator is called the null coalescing operator. It is used for providing a default value for Nullable types or reference types. Example:

One of the disadvantage of ?? is it can create code that is not that readable. e.g a ?? b ?? c ?? d ?? e

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In C# you can have property with different scope (property accessors). Properties in C# can be marked as public, private, protected, internal, or protected internal. Example:

dotnet C#

C# 4.0 allows one to use named and optional parameters. Example:

One can call the method in multiple ways

Additional note, one cannot provide a gap in arguments. Example:

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The using statement in C# is a form of shortcut for try and finally block of code. Things to note is in order to use the using statement the object needs to implement the IDisposable interface, and using does not catch Exception, it just guarantees the call of Dispose. Example:

Can be replaced with […]


In interviews there is always the Singleton question, I personally refuse to answer it on interview. The reason is very simple I don’t code singletons anymore. I use my IoC Container to provide me with a singleton. Sorry if you dont know what an IoC (Inversion of Control Container) is, then you are still in […]

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C# has the as keyword, it is mainly used to cast object of one type to another, and if it fails it should return a null rather than crashing the program or throwing exception. From MSDN documentation it states: You can use the as operator to perform certain types of conversions between compatible reference types […]

dotnet C#

So C# what is the yield keyword? The yield keyword in C# is basically an iterator, its a form of syntactic sugar added from C# 2.0 to create IEnumerable and IEnumerator objects, thus returning one element at a time. From MSDN documentation it states. When you use the yield keyword in a statement, you indicate […]