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Have wanted to post the review of this book for a while, which I read somewhere beginning of this year. This book does a very good job in classification of the “typical” stereotypes of people in IT. – The Uninformed – The Herd – The Cynic – The Burned – The Time Crunched – The […]

javascript patterns

Over the holidays I read Javascript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov. Its a pretty light book consisting only of 240 pages, which is light in computer reading, where majority of the books are like yellow pages phone book over 1000 pages. It was quite enjoyable to have a concise book written by Stefanov, another highly recommended […]


Here are some books I am planning to read for 2011, assuming that I complete 1 book a month, I may do more but these are must read for 2011. I will try to do my best to write a review for each. The Mythical Man Month Good to Great Object Solutions: Managing the Object-Oriented […]


Resources Manning – Where one can buy the MEAP early release of the book Amazon – Sometimes cheaper than Manning for print books Art of Unit Testing Wiki Site -The wiki site for the book The book will be in print I think April 2009 as Roy mentioned in his blog if you wish to […]


Today is my first post to my blog, since its my birthday today so I thought I would start today. One of the things that I know in life is that, one has to keep learning and I would like to say is “As a pragmatic programmer, one should always invest regularly.” The Pragmatic Programmer […]