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So I was going through some code of codebettercanvas and found it interesting of Karl Seguin using Html Helper extension for his form tags, which has its elegance. e.g

Basically it calls an extension method called LinkTo with a generic controller and a lamda for calling its action, the extension method looks like



How to do safe base64 url encoding in ASP .NET, I came into a problem of url encoding in IIS 7 where it does not like “+”, “/” in the Url. Basically a Url that looks like of like this http://fake.abc/TIRlcEq0umjO6uJqtqvnkUGntUzv19rK+8mcvPK5qL1bwEZtEUqTlc3iF/TomuXU746Il5IF2iN9SeYuYDqt6SQzfdrv+Ltug2KZteKlYawc= I know you may say what is this??? Its actually some kind of encrypted […]