Taswar Bhatti
The synonyms of software simplicity

I just got back from MVP summit from Seattle, and there were lots of new and cool stuff about the future of .NET and web development with vNext. I would strongly to suggest that you join the virtual developer Microsoft conference Connect(); http://www.visualstudio.com/en-ca/connect-event-vs On the 12th you will have keynotes from Scott Gu, Scott Hanselman […]


Here are some changes that affected my asp mvc update process, specifically ASP .NET MVC2 Changes: GetControllerInstance & DataAnnotationsModelBinder. By the way, there is a tool that does it for you and also a manual way . But once you have updated there are also 2 more changes that you may need if you are […]


There are tones of blog post out there on how to redirect http to https. As in when a user request for http://myserver.com/Login.aspx they will be redirected to https://myserver.com/Login.aspx One can do it with IIS but I find that way a bit ugly since you have to create another site and set the 403 to […]