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In my previous post I have shown how to create an express app with node.js and in this post, I would like to introduce bower a package manager for front-end development. Bower is a package manager just like Nuget, where it gets confusing is that node already has a package manager called npm. The difference […]


I recently had to do work on localeCompare in JavaScript and though I would write a plugin in JQuery and share it. Javascript Locale Compare JavaScript provides a localeCompare function for comparing two strings in the current locale. The locale is based on the language settings of the browser. To explain locale compare lets look […]


Was debugging some code that was broken due to jquery 1.6 update, and found this call for Jquery dropdown.val

Not working anymore but a simple fix of changing it to

This does the trick, for more on prop take a look at the api of jquery http://api.jquery.com/prop/


Was coding some new functionality and though I would post this, so that others can find it helpful. Lets say you have a form that has a checkbox that will update the select dropdown box with different values, when the checkbox is clicked. Something like the UI below. Your html code might look like



So here is an interesting jquery plugin called jqprint it allows one to specify any element and sent it to print. Assuming you have an element with id printButton and a content area called divToPrint

This will pop up the print functionality in your browser and send it with the default media=”print” css or […]


So for some reason IE just loves to cache things for you when you call an ajax method, thus my JQuery get ajax call not working in IE. Something like

This will work every time in firefox but IE will just call the cache version, thus whatever you have changed in the post version […]


So was having issues as in why does my checkbox doesn’t work in IE when I do

And found out that jquery does not bind live “change” events, I was told that it works in 1.4.2 but for some reason I still was not able to get it working. The solution that I found […]