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The synonyms of software simplicity
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Here are some tips on motivating software development teams Not exactly like the image above, but more realistic motivation for knowledge based people, especially developers. Being a lead for many years I found these tips very useful so I though I would share them, and to be honest they are mostly just common sense stuff. […]


I remember watching a talk on infoq by Michael Feathers. He said something about growing your software teams organically like a garden. An example he gave is, you don’t yell at the lettuce for not growing, you have to nurture it and help it, try different things so that it grows better. If you have […]


Here are some recommendations to any team lead or development manager to have effective agile teams. Note: these are just recommendations Get a white board for your Kanban or Scrum task and stick iteration tasks on the board publicly not in your office or cubicle Get every developer 2 monitors, that includes the QA since […]