What the ???? goliath ERROR: While executing gem.
I was wanting to try out goliath.io (Goliath: Non-blocking, Ruby 1.9 Web Server) for more info look at http://www.igvita.com/2011/03/08/goliath-non-blocking-ruby-19-web-server/

In any case I was not able to get it to install on JRuby so went and get me 1.9.2 MRI.

Once installed MRI 1.9.2, I went into the gem dir to gem install goliath and guess what this message pops up.

Really helpful (scarcasim) , then what I had to do to fix this was update my gem

After doing so I was able to

Now its time to try out goliath, wish me luck and if anyone knows how to install it with Jruby please let me know cuz jgem install goliath didnt work for me.