In this post I will write about some tips on JavaScript Conversion from type to values etc.

Tip 1: Boolean values
In JavaScript one can use the double not (!!) to convert a variable to a Boolean. What the !! operator (poor man casting) does is, it first cast the data to a true Boolean and then it flips it, and the second operator flips it back to the correct Boolean value.

Tip 2: Convert to Number
In JavaScript one can use the + to convert a string to a number. I mean the plus can be obscure, one can also >> shift operator and also use parseInt but remember parseInt may give you different results than + like the example below. Also here is some jsperf on int casting.

Tip 3: Convert to String
This is the inverse of the + you saw above, you can covert a value into a string by concat with empty string “”. If you wish to know which one is the fastest way to cast as string one can check out this jsperf