On January 11 2019, I had the opportunity to speak at Toronto Microsoft Ignite Tour – 8 Cloud Design Patterns you ought to know. It was a great seeing that over 700+ people registered to my talk, it was pretty much full house session over 500+ attended. Unfortunately Microsoft did not record any session in Toronto. I have had people ask me of a recording, although I do remember a gentleman who had his camera and was recording all my slides. (If someone knows him please feel free to ask him to get in touch with me, I would also love a copy of it also).

Attendees Review

One benefit of speaking at Ignite is they have a good evaluation system where users can give feedback.
So far the feedback has been very good. Here are the result of the evaluation score.

Ignite - Taswar Bhatti Review

Ignite – Taswar Bhatti Review

Attendee Comments

Some comments that I received are below. I actually wanted to speak slower but knowing the fact that I have 8 topics to go through and 90 slides in total with 2 demos, would rather like to cover all topics than missing any. In fact I covered 9 patterns with a bonus pattern,

Ignite - Taswar Bhatti Review Comments

Ignite – Taswar Bhatti Review Comments

Attendee Suggested Improvements

Its sometimes hard to satisfy all people in a talk, with over 500 people there will be someone who doesn’t like your talk. You cannot make everyone happy but I think I did make it clear sometimes patterns are like “Duh” moments where it is just common sense. Overall I still think people learned something new and enjoyed the talk. Below are some of the improvements.

Ignite - Taswar Bhatti Review Improvement

Ignite – Taswar Bhatti Review Improvement

Slides 8 Cloud Design Patterns you ought to know

Last but not least here are the slides from the talk. Enjoy…..