Don’t miss me and Betim Beja on MVP TechBytes discussing Power Platform PCF Development!
Learn about code component pros/cons, framework mockups, standard vs virtual components, and contributing to open-source projects.


In this episode Betim, a Microsoft MVP, talks about code components for the Power Platform and how to use Storybook to test and showcase them.

The benefits and challenges of code components: Code components allow professional developers to extend the Power Platform and help low-code developers to deliver solutions faster and bettr. However, code components also have some limitations, such as the test harness, the Web API, and the virtual components.

The role of component framework mock and Storybook: Betim has created a component framework mock that mocks the whole API of the component framework and integrates it with Storybook, a tool that helps to build and display components in different scenarios and configurations. This way, developers can test their components more easily and collaborate with other stakeholders.

The examples of code components: Betim shows some examples of code components, such as the colorful option set, the switches, the audio player, and the calendar. He also explains how to set up stories and how to use citations for the components.

The call for action for the viewers: Betim invites the viewers to check out his GitHub repository and blog post where he shares his code components and how to use them. He also encourages the viewers to contribute to the component framework mock and to use it for their own components.910