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So today I came in to work and saw that my wonderful windows machine was restarted due to Windows Update, and yesterday I was working on some java stuff and did not close out my eclipse, thank god that I do regular code check-in 🙂 Anyways tried to relaunch eclipse and it kept hanging on […]


In order to run Rubymine under a 64bit jvm one needs to run the IDE from the bat file. In the bat file which is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\RubyMine 3.1.1\bin add this line SET RUBYMINE_JDK=%ProgramFiles%/Java/jdk1.6.0_25 and remove the IF statements ::IF “%RUBYMINE_JDK%” == “” SET RUBYMINE_JDK=%JDK_HOME% ::IF “%RUBYMINE_JDK%” == “” goto error Run the […]


Just a link post today since google started supporting Java for their app engine rather than just Python, this will very likely bring lots of developers on board by having Java for Google App Engine http://code.google.com/appengine/ Google AppEngine http://code.google.com/eclipse/ Eclipse Plugin http://blog.springsource.com/2009/04/07/write-your-google-app-engine-applications-in-groovy/ App Engine in Groovy Time to start writing some apps in it 🙂