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design patterns

Today, I thought I would mention the Null Object design pattern, its an object that provides intelligent do nothing behavior, hiding the details from its collaborators. So what does this mean??? Before I tell you what it means, lets see an example of how often you might be seeing code that is checking for null. […]

design patterns

As promised here is the version of observer pattern with Event & Delegate. Personally I am not a big fan of this solution, although it does remove quite a bit of code and show how to use a push model with the observer pattern. Next time around I will show a more elegant solution by […]

design patterns

Learn the Observer Pattern: I am starting to write a series of blog post which would be named “Learn {tagline}…..” In these series I would post things about design pattern, programming methodologies, skills etc etc For today, I will start with my favorite Design Pattern. The Observer Pattern. I would first state out what the […]