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In November I went to Prague my first time and it was amazing being hosted by Update Conference there. Below you will find my presentation on 8 Cloud Design Patterns that I did for Update Conference In Prague, I wanted to give a special thanks for @tomasherceg and his team for creating such an awesome […]


I had the opportunity to speak in my native home Hong Kong for the first time when I was visiting for holidays on Cloud Design Patterns. It was a lot of fun and thanks to Codeaholics for holding the meetup group in such great form in Hong Kong. For people who wish to see my […]

Taswar Bhatti - Cloud Design Patterns

This week I gave a talk on Cloud Design Patterns at the Ottawa .NET Community. I wanted to share the sides here and will most likely write on articles on the topic using real world examples. Samples in C# and node.js, in AWS and Azure. For the talk I went through, what Cloud Design Patterns […]


In interviews there is always the Singleton question, I personally refuse to answer it on interview. The reason is very simple I don’t code singletons anymore. I use my IoC Container to provide me with a singleton. Sorry if you dont know what an IoC (Inversion of Control Container) is, then you are still in […]


Was going through some legacy code recently and found a big for loop that had multiple switch statement inside. So being that I hate something that is fairly large, every method should be small and concise, I went along to refactor it to SRP. This code is generic so you might see something like this […]


Here is some poorly written code that I had to review today and modify (i.e refactor). I have removed the domain of the code and renamed the variables, so that it remains anonymous, but the just of the code is still intact.

Lets go through the inner loop of the code first. First the […]


Here is a nice little code I did recently, where the Command Pattern is used with a notification observer like pattern. First of the Command Pattern, a simple interface for task with an execute method

Then the notification interface, with 2 methods, one when it started and one when its complete and the event […]


Thanks to everyone who came to Unit Testing with Mocking Framework at the code camp today, I will get those Typemock license to the 2 winners. Here is the code if anyone is interested https://github.com/taswar/Ottawa-IT-Code-Camp-Unit-Testing-with-Mocking-Framework Here is the presentation. Mocking a Unit Test Story on Prezi


There are certainly many ways to stub out dependency, using constructor injection, etc etc. Here is one way to quickly stub out ServiceLocator rather than implementing ServiceLocatorStub. Lets say you have code that uses a helper and the dependency is not quite the responsibility of that object but its the sub object that uses it. […]

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

In this Learn Series I am going to write about the Sprout Method which is in the book “Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers“, all I have to say is what a great book if you don’t have it, you should pick it up asap. Sprout Method is a technique that one can […]