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In interviews there is always the Singleton question, I personally refuse to answer it on interview. The reason is very simple I don’t code singletons anymore. I use my IoC Container to provide me with a singleton. Sorry if you dont know what an IoC (Inversion of Control Container) is, then you are still in […]


Here is a nice little code I did recently, where the Command Pattern is used with a notification observer like pattern. First of the Command Pattern, a simple interface for task with an execute method

Then the notification interface, with 2 methods, one when it started and one when its complete and the event […]

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Null Pattern Last time I blogged about “Learn the Null Pattern“, but I forgot to mention one thing about the Null Pattern. That is you have to be mindful of it. For example

The code looks okay but what if the GetEmployee method actually returns a NullEmployee? Well that would still be okay, since […]

design patterns

As promised here is the version of observer pattern with Event & Delegate. Personally I am not a big fan of this solution, although it does remove quite a bit of code and show how to use a push model with the observer pattern. Next time around I will show a more elegant solution by […]