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javascript patterns

Over the holidays I read Javascript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov. Its a pretty light book consisting only of 240 pages, which is light in computer reading, where majority of the books are like yellow pages phone book over 1000 pages. It was quite enjoyable to have a concise book written by Stefanov, another highly recommended […]


Was coding some new functionality and though I would post this, so that others can find it helpful. Lets say you have a form that has a checkbox that will update the select dropdown box with different values, when the checkbox is clicked. Something like the UI below. Your html code might look like



So was going through some legacy code to fix some security issues. One of them was there were links that were passing the data on url request. e.g NewFile.aspx?uid=1234 Rather than storing data in a session sometimes developers use shortcuts to do this, could be due to the pressure or time limit we have in […]