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Azure Weekly Digest by Taswar Bhatti

This is my first newsletter on LinkedIn and I wanted to keep this newsletter short and sweet. Thus I only wanted to share 5 Highlights from Microsoft Azure, that I find interesting and insgihtful. Five Highlights Thursday – 14th April 2023 Edition 1. TeknoSA Customer Story Learn how a retailer in Turkiye – Teknosa detects […]

Microsoft Azure

Moving on from learning Iaas, PaaS and SaaS, in this article, we’ll explore what Azure Resources are, how they work, and how you can use them to build better applications. What are Azure Regions Let’s start with Regions, and what they are in Azure. Azure regions are geographic locations where Azure datacenters are located. Example: […]

Microsoft Azure

Continuing on towards our learning cloud computing and Microsoft Azure, lets go over what is IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in Microsoft Azure?. Definitions IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) : refers to the delivery of computing resources, such as servers, storage and networking, over the internet. This allows companies to rent, rather than own, the infrastructure […]

Microsoft Azure

I wanted to start writing about Cloud Computing and I thought it would be best to start with Microsoft Azure which I have been using for many years now. The series can be used by Digital Native or Startup on how to use Cloud Computing, we will go through Microsoft Azure and what it offers […]

Azure Cost Budget

I have covered how to do Cost Budget in AWS, I thought I can also do one for Azure of how to have a budget in Azure with Cost Budget. Step by Step – How to create a Cost Budget in Azure First login to your azure portal, and click on Cost Management and Billing […]

Azure functions

I wanted to try out Azure Functions to see if I can serve html data from Azure Functions that I get from another third party site. As in, if I use RestSharp and call another site from my Azure Function, extract its content and just display it as output to html. This can come in […]

Azure functions

Was playing around with Azure functions and thought I would write a quick blog post on how to use Azure functions to read a text file and send an email out to me daily. Basically I went with a joke a day idea. So lets get started with writing some of the awesome code 🙂 […]


I had the opportunity to speak at satazureday Azure Saturday here in Ottawa last week, and went through the topic of Azure Key Vault. I also had a co-presenter to share the talk with; an upcoming public speaker Petrica Mihai. He created most of the slides and the demo code in C# 🙂 You can […]


In this post I wanted to go through the process of Redis running in Azure. Redis in Azure is called Azure Redis Cache. Azure offers a secure access to a dedicated Redis cache, which allows you to connect from any Azure applications. There are certain tiers that are offered in Azure Redis: Basic Standard Premium […]