Was playing around with Azure functions and thought I would write a quick blog post on how to use Azure functions to read a text file and send an email out to me daily. Basically I went with a joke a day idea. So lets get started with writing some of the awesome code 🙂

Warning Prerequisites Assumed
If you don’t have an Azure subscription, you can always create a free account before you begin.
Azure function
Login into your Azure account and click the New button found on the upper left-hand corner of the Azure portal, then select Compute > Function App. You should see a create button for function app.

Function App

I have named my app to zeytinmail since it was available, also used a new Resource Group, you can use an existing one.
Hosting plan is set to consumption plan and since I am in East Coast I have set up location in East US.
For storage I am just using a auto generated one, I could use an existing one but for simplicity sake just using a default one that was auto generated.

Function App Create

Now that we have it created we should see the overview of our function app.
Azure Function Overview

We can now click on function and create a Timer function with CSharp.
Timer Function

We should see the run.csx file open up with the Run method pre-populated.

We will then upload the jokes.txt file onto the server. I got my jokes.txt from https://github.com/rdegges/yomomma-api/blob/master/jokes.txt. I just clicked on Add Button and created the file and copy and pasted the text into the file.

From there in order to read the file in Azure Function all I have to do is put the path of the file in my code.

File Path
You can find out the path by using Kudu in Azure function, usually they are stored in D drive with D:\home\site\wwwroot\{functionName}\file

Your solution would look something like below:
Timer Code

Next up we need to create yourself a SendGrid account.
Sendgrid has free account to send email out.

We need to set up our Application Setting to have our SendGrid API Key. We can go into the Application Setting and Add a new key, lets call it SendGridKey
sendgrid key

We need to go into the Integrate section of the function where we want a new Output for our function. We will be selecting the SendGrid output to send an email out.
SendGrid Out

We can then put in our Api Key App Settings like below and from address if we want.
SendGrid ApiKey

We now need to modify our function.json file to add SendGrid information, add this inside the binding array as another section.

Finally we need to write the code to send the email out.

With this we will be able to send the email to a user with a joke of the day.

Last but not least we need to also set a schedule by clicking on Integrate and set the time for the schedule to send an email out. If you want to learn more about cron timer you can visit this site to learn more about it. https://codehollow.com/2017/02/azure-functions-time-trigger-cron-cheat-sheet/
Azure Timer Schedule Azure Timer Schedule


Here it is how to send an email out with a joke with SendGrid and Azure Functions. Have fun 😛