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Below is a VSCode with Golang video on mine on channel9 that I recorded at Channel 9 Studio, Redmond at Microsoft Campus (Seattle). Its a short introduction of using VSCode with Go Lang and how to debug in go lang using VSCode. Hope you enjoy. Taswar


In this post I will cover some area of grunt more of a grunt basic tutorial, things you can do with grunt, in previous post we saw how we use grunt with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 and our simple hello world task. Let’s start with some more basic things e.g writing a simple function […]


Visual Studio 2013 provides Task Runner Explorer for us to run Grunt & Gulp task right inside of Visual Studio. One can download Task Runner Explorer from Visual Studio Gallery Once installed we can now use npm to install grunt for us in our node web project.

We now will create a new Gruntfile.js […]


In this post I will show how to use Grunt Launcher in Visual Studio 2012, there is also Task Runner but it only works in Visual Studio 2013, and there are no plans to making it to work in 2012. 🙁 No worries since there is Visual Studio Grunt Launcher that one can use in […]


My last blog post was about using bower in node.js express application Visual Studio, and I believe I did not do justice to it. In this blog post I will talk more about how to use bower for your front-end and all the command line associate with bower. Again to install bower globally one can […]


In my previous post I have shown how to create an express app with node.js and in this post, I would like to introduce bower a package manager for front-end development. Bower is a package manager just like Nuget, where it gets confusing is that node already has a package manager called npm. The difference […]


Here is a simple walk through of creating a express application with node.js using Visual Studio (NTVS). First lets launch visual studio and go to the JavaScript section and select the Blank Express Application. Once selected, I have named my application SimpleExpress, Visual Studio will start creating the skeleton of the project for you, and […]


Node Tools for Visual Studio is currently in Alpha 1.0 and its free and opensource, in this post I will show you how to install Node and Node Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS). First lets install Node.js Download Node from http://nodejs.org/ The currently version is node-v0.10.26-x64 Step one lets run the msi that we just […]


So I had this issue at work had to install on xp machine, dont ask why but just had to 🙂 and the error was NET 4, Visual Studio 2010 install fails on XP SP3 machine “Fatal error during installation” Thus I was stuck installing Visual Studio 2010, I went and downloaded .net 4 standalone […]