Yeahhhh I am really exited that I have been selected to speak at DevTeach Montreal 2017 this year, July 3rd onward to July 7th in the lovely Montreal Canada.

I remember my first visit to DevTeach was in 2007 as an attendee, now 10 years later I am presenting in the conference. Looking back it has been one amazing ride of where things are for me. In 2007 when I was attending Roy Osherove presented on Agile Development and ended with singing a song at the end of the session, which was quite memorable moment. To JP Boodhoo session on refactoring code and Rules for Agile Design by Jeremy Miller, Oren Eini on MonoRails and Rhino Mocks. Those were quite the early days of ALT .NET and who would have known that .NET would now be open source and runs on Linux with dotnet core.

I wonder what the next 10 years would be like for .net community?

My two abstract which has been selected by DevTeach
– Store 2 million of audit a day into Elastic Search
– OAuth2 and OpenId Connect Demystified

You can read more on the abstract on the DevTeach site.

Come and join us at DevTeach Montreal, it would be an awesome event with the Jazz festival happening at the same time and one day you never know you may be speaking in DevTeach too….