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I needed to increase my disk size of my Windows 2016 server on AWS EC2. I though I will share this just in case it can help you or myself in the future on How to increase the disk size of a Windows EC2 machine?. First thing first you need to increase the volume space […]


If you are using AWS S3 C# TransferUtilityUploadRequest and when you try to upload objects onto S3 you can potentially get Access Denied. The reason could your IAM Role is not defined to have access or your bucket name is incorrect. What do you mean bucket name is incorrect? Basically it boils down to that […]


This would be the last post on how to add AWS IAM users sign-in link for signin to console. If you wish to read the other post please check them out below. How to add AWS IAM users sign-in link for signin to console Summary This concludes our AWS IAM part of securing your AWS […]


This would be the second last section to cover the AWS IAM. We will cover Apply an IAM password policy in AWS. If you wish to read the previous section the links are provided below. Apply an IAM password policy Summary We have now completed our AWS IAM Resources and have completed and got full […]


In this post we will cover using groups to assign permissions to users in AWS. This is the third part on IAM on AWS to protect your account. You can view previous part below. Use groups to assign permissions in AWS Summary We have covered the forth step in our IAM in AWS on groups […]


I hope you have read the first part covered on how to protect your root account with MFA. In this post we will continue on and protect our AWS account by creating individual IAM users. Create individual IAM users Summary Here are the steps to create individual users in AWS using their IAM. Next section […]


In this post I wanted to cover how to Activate U2F Fido Keys for AWS root account. After logging if you click on IAM you will see the dashboard like below where 4 steps are not yet complete. We will complete those first steps and other post will cover the other steps such that we […]

For anyone starting new on Amazon they might want to start with a small aws budget on a their free trial to learn amazon. Even if you are a small to large company you will want to have a budget for your cloud services. Amazon provides an easy way to alert and to create a […]

Taswar Bhatti - Cloud Design Patterns

This week I gave a talk on Cloud Design Patterns at the Ottawa .NET Community. I wanted to share the sides here and will most likely write on articles on the topic using real world examples. Samples in C# and node.js, in AWS and Azure. For the talk I went through, what Cloud Design Patterns […]


I wanted to go through the process of Redis running in AWS ElastiCache, since we have already covered Docker, Azure and plain vanilla Redis on Linux Server. Redis in AWS is under the umbrella of ElastiCache, where they offer Redis and Memcached. There are different type of nodes offered by AWS ElastiCache: Standard Memory Optimized […]