This would be the last post on how to add AWS IAM users sign-in link for signin to console. If you wish to read the other post please check them out below.

How to add AWS IAM users sign-in link for signin to console

In your Dashboard click and on Customize

AWS IAM Customize Sign In Link

Enter the name you want to use for your sign-in and create the alias you wish to have

Account Alias

Now your users can visit the url you have create and sign in, I will use the user I create before, NOTE: now the Alias is already filled in.


Once logged in using the csv file we saved earlier we will need to change the password

AWS IAM Change Password

When we have satisfied our Password Policy we will then be redirected to the console

AWS Console Logged In


This concludes our AWS IAM part of securing your AWS account there is a lot more that one can add to it. Probably in the future I will add more into it. If you like these AWS post let me know, I intend to add more of them.