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As we have got to know that Gatsby has built in GraphQL, we will learn this time how to ask Gatsby to request data from GraphQL. We will ask for the data that we wish to populate into our blog. For simplicity sake we will only target on the title and tagline. Eventually we will […]


We have our footer and header together and it’s time to talk about Layout. We can create a layout component in Gatsby such that our header and footer can be embedded/nested into any page you wish to have later on. Example our about, contact pages. This will allow us to clean up some of our […]


Now that we have the header of the page, let’s try to focus on our footer. We will be creating a footer component in Gatsby with VSCode, we will skip the content and sidebar for the time being and get back to it later. Just like the header page we will create a new file […]


When it comes to styling in Gatsby, it allows one to style with css, less, scss, etc. I wanted to keep things simple for the time being and will use css and just copy what I have for the header in my blog to see how it will look like in Gatsby. It will be […]


As mentioned earlier I wanted to move my blog from WordPress to Gatsby. Let’s get started and get our feet wet with Gatsby using VSCode and see how it all comes together. I will be using VSCode for all my development for this migration. Install Gatsby In order to get started we need to satisfy […]


To continue on with our previous blog post, I will introduce Hashicorp Vault as a key management to manage our secrets for our Nodejs weather application. Installing Vault I will use docker to pull the docker image from dockerhub. Now that I have vault image pulled, I will create a docker compose file for Vault […]


In this post, we will continue our previous nodejs weather application and introduce Docker for NodeJS application using VSCode. We will build our application and host it in docker by adding a Dockerfile. We will modify our code to take the APIKEY from an environment variable. Create Dockerfile Let’s launch our editor VSCode again with […]


In this post I wanted to go through how do we create a Nodejs application with vscode. The application is yet another weather node app, it is an easy example and loosely based on this project (https://codeburst.io/build-a-weather-website-in-30-minutes-with-node-js-express-openweather-a317f904897b), the difference is that we will build upon it to a series of how do we store secrets […]


Below is a VSCode with Golang video on mine on channel9 that I recorded at Channel 9 Studio, Redmond at Microsoft Campus (Seattle). Its a short introduction of using VSCode with Go Lang and how to debug in go lang using VSCode. Hope you enjoy. Taswar


Visual Studio Code with Python Django I wanted to continue on my python exploration and show how to get started with Visual Studio Code with Python Django. What is Django you may ask ? Not the movie for sure. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built […]