Driving Technical Change Book cover
Have wanted to post the review of this book for a while, which I read somewhere beginning of this year.
This book does a very good job in classification of the “typical” stereotypes of people in IT.
– The Uninformed
– The Herd
– The Cynic
– The Burned
– The Time Crunched
– The Boss
– The Irrational

After the first section we go into what kind of techniques we can use to drive technical changes.
– Gain Expertise
– Deliver Your Message
– Demonstrate Your Technique
– Propose Compromise
– Create Trust
– Get Publicity
– Focus on Synergy
– Build a Bridge
– Create Something Compelling

Lastly the author goes into Strategies one can use to drive technical changes
– Simple, Not Easy
– Ignore the Irrational
– Target the Willing
– Harness the Converted
– Sway Management

The book is a short read with only 125 pages, it is a good read but at the same time one should always remember there are people whom you have to deal with that are emotional, and us human’s are not predictable, the classification helps but if we really want to drive the change we have to be the change agent. I would recommend this book for a beginner who wishes to drive technical changes.