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This is the final 5 Highlights Thursday of 2023, as we are nearing the end of the year. I wish you all the best in your Azure Journey in 2024 and hope you achieve some Microsoft Certifications along the way. This year has been dominated by AI and LLMs, and if you haven’t explored them yet, the new year is a great opportunity to do so. Therefore, I have curated some excellent resources for you in this newsletter to help you plan your Azure AI Journey for the next year.

1. Fundamentals of Azure OpenAI Service

This is a learning module that introduces the concepts, features, and benefits of Azure OpenAI, as well as how to get started with the service. It covers topics such as generative AI models, Azure OpenAI’s language, code, and image capabilities, and Azure OpenAI’s responsible AI practices and limited access policies.

Fundamentals of Azure OpenAI Service

2. Microsoft AI Show

The AI Show Live showcases the amazing work happening in AI at Microsoft. Developers learn what’s new in AI in a short amount of time and are directed to assets helping them get started and on the road to success right away. Seth Juarez and friends work on cool projects and highlight what’s new in Azure AI and Machine Learning.

AI Show

3. Build your own Copilot with Azure AI Studio

If you are planning to build your own Copilot then wait no further to watch this video. It does a dive into Azure AI Studio – a cutting-edge ‘code first’ experience to build generative AI applications including enterprise chat and custom copilots. It also share how to ingest real-time data from Microsoft Fabric’s OneLake, test Large Language Models (LLMs), and deploy Proof of Concepts (PoCs) at scale.

4. Github Repo on Azure OpenAI Demo

If you like to deep dive into code and want to learn by codebase then bookmark this repo. You can dumpster dive through it, and you won’t regret doing it.

GitHub Repo

5. MVP TechBytes – Azure Open AI with Mert Yeter

Last but not least some shameless self-promotion is of course required! Join me and Mert Yeter as we dive into the world of Azure OpenAI on the Azure Portal, bringing you a step-by-step demo on how developers can easily generate code using this awesome combo.

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