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Your weekly dose of 5 Highlights Thursday is here, a list of information and links that you may find helpful in your Azure journey. Feel free to forward this along to anyone who you think may enjoy such sharing.

1. Blazin’ 2024 with Blazor

Kick off 2024 off with a blazing start! Check out this collection of learning materials and join this #CloudSkillsChallengeto learn how to build your first Blazor web app from front to back.

Blazin 2024 with Blazor

2. GitHub Copilot and AI for Developers

GitHub #Copilot can do much more than just help you write code. It can help you understand someone else’s code, write documentation, learn a new technology, or debug a problem. This collection of resources will help you get more out of #GitHub Copilot.

Github Copilot and AI for Developers

3. Develop apps that use Azure AI services

Learn how to build apps that use Azure #AI services. Check out samples and tutorials for using #Azure AI services with your preferred language: #Python, NodeJS, .NET, or #Java. Then deploy a RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) chat app. #dotNET

Develop apps that use Azure AI services

4. Mastering GitHub Copilot for AI Paired Programming

This 6-lesson course covers everything you need to know about using GitHub #Copilot as an #AI paired programing resource. Check out the repo on #GitHub to get started.

Mastering GitHub Copilot for AI Paired Programming

5. Master Platform Engineering: Architecting Scalable and Resilient Systems

Learn best practices for #PlatformEngineering so you can provide a consistent and automated experience for dev teams, helping them ship new functionality quickly, securely, and more efficiently.

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