Join me & Hatim to discover the power of Power Automate and Copilot.
Learn how to automate tasks with Excel and email using Power Automata’s low-code platform and Copilot’s natural language query suggestions. 🚀
Watch a live demo on creating a flow that reads Excel data from OneDrive, checks task status, and sends reminder emails.
Don’t miss out—level up your cloud skills and become a Power Automate and Copilot pro!

Quick Summary

In this episode of the Azure Takeoff Show, I demonstrated how to use Copilot to automate tasks without code. I showed how to use Power Automate to automate an Excel spreadsheet and email people.

I wanted to started with a simple example: assuming you have some data in an Excel spreadsheet and you need to remind people to do certain things. Instead of going through the spreadsheet and emailing each person individually, you can automate the process using Power Automate.

By using the power of copilot I wanted to show you how to use Copilot to help with the process. One can ask Copilot to get rows of data from an Excel spreadsheet in their OneDrive. Copilot will recommended an action in powerautomate on it, and I was able to use it to connect to my OneDrive and get the data.

Next, I showed how to use a for loop to go through the data and add a condition to check the status of the task again using Copilot. If the task was not completed, an email would be sent to the person reminding them to complete it.

Wih the help of Copilot I was able to show how easy it is to use Copilot and Power Automate to automate tasks. By automating the boring stuff, you can make it exciting and save time.