Join Me & Hatim Nagarwala in this awesome video on Azure Vnet! Learn to create private/public networks, connect to resources, and use VPN, Express Route, and more.

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In this episode of the Azure Take Off show, I provided valuable insights into Azure Vnet and its uses with Hatim Nagarwala.

Azure Vnet, or Virtual Network, is a fundamental building block of Azure. It lays out the networking side of Azure resources and allows users to create their own virtual network and assign resources inside of it. This is similar to having a modem and Wi-Fi router at home, where there is a network running, but it is not visible.

With Azure Vnet, users can assign different IP addresses and communicate with the Internet or keep it separate so that it does not communicate with the Internet. This is useful for corporations that want to keep certain machines, such as those containing sensitive information, within a private network.

Azure Vnet also allows for filtering and routing of traffic, as well as integration with Azure services through the use of Azure Private Link. This allows for direct connection to a specific service.

I also demonstrated how to create a virtual network and assign a virtual machine to it. He showed how to view the network diagram and see the IP addresses and network security group assigned to the virtual machine.

Overall, Azure Vnet is a powerful tool that allows for greater control and flexibility in managing Azure resources. It is a fundamental building block of Azure and is essential for anyone using Azure.